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79 Thorwald Jorgensen A Real Theremin Player

He couldn´t play the violin so he chose the Theremin,  Thorwald Jorgensen tells us his journey of becoming one of  Europe´s leading classical thereminists

 Thorwald Jørgensen is currently one of the leading classical thereminists of Europe. He started his musical career at the age of 14 . After finishing high school he went on to study classical percussion at the Utrecht and Tilburg Conservatory. Thorwald has played to great reviews as a chamber musician, soloist and orchestral thereminist in Europe, North America, Canada and Russia. A remarkable highlight was the Dutch premiere of the theremin concertino by Anis Fuleihan. Besides these concerts, Thorwald also performed for radio and television and played at several festivals, like Festival Classique (NL), Bach Festival (NL), Without Touch (DE) Hands Off (UK), Node (CH), and Music and Beyond (CA). He was also invited as a guest teacher/lecturer for the composition class at both the Amsterdam and Rotterdam Conservatory .



  • Played Theremin because he couldn´t play violin
  • studied percussion, got bored with it so moved on
  • “The Theremin chose me”
  • Right hand pitch, other hand is volume
  • Studied with his friend that was a cellist
  • Played romantic music but now has composers write for him
  • Searched for theremin scores from 1920´s up till now
  • Theremin was used for ghost sounds in the past
  • Plays solo with orchestra, recital pieces, likes to play in concert houses
  • He sends e-mail to everybody, waits for them to ask him to play

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Going on stage after only 6 months

Take lessons
You need somebody to tell you you´re doing it wrong

WORST GIG: First time performing with an orchestra, only 6 months, flute player threw the theremin on the floor, turned it on and there was no sound. Huge concert hall! In the end it worked only for the duration of the concert.

BEST GIG: Asked to play his favorite piece with an orchestra


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Thorwald Jorgensen



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